How are pianos shipped?

How are pianos shipped?

Moving a piano is a difficult and responsible task. Not only the integrity of the instrument depends on whether it is solved correctly. The slightest shocks and vibrations break the sound of the piano, and shaking during careless transportation is detrimental to its musical part. Therefore, there are 2 options: either transport the instrument carefully and accurately with help like a huge crystal vase, or abandon the idea of transporting it altogether.

Main difficulties

The piano is a fairly large and heavy musical instrument. Depending on the configuration, it can weigh from 140 to 400 kg, and vintage and antique models can weigh even more. In addition to their solid weight and size, such loads are sensitive to vibrations.

There are vulnerable parts and mechanisms inside the piano body. The sound of the instrument and its suitability for further use depend on their safety. Pianos are also sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Therefore, they are not recommended to be transported in winter or in the heat.

What will be needed?

For the removal, descent, loading, transportation and further movement of such items, it is necessary:

free passage to the door of the room and beyond;
packaging material – air bubble and stretch film, cardboard, foam rubber, soft fabric, adhesive tape;
a team of strong guys – from 2 to 4 people, depending on the weight of the instrument;
inventory for carrying and loading – wide strong belts, loading equipment, rigging devices;
a suitable car with special attachments – we use a clean furniture van with straps and attachments along the side to securely fix the tool in the cabin.